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The Dillo's Diz Podcast (feat. Theme Park Thursday)

Apr 8, 2021

Adventures in Wonderland begins streaming on Disney+ beginning April 30, 2021, and Jen and Frank this episode speak with Wesley Mann, who played The Caterpillar. We talk about Wesley's amazing career spanning sitcoms, Shakespeare, and Back to the Future 2.

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Wesley's  acting career began in the early 1980s, landing guest roles on mainstay sitcoms The Golden Girls and Night Court, and appearances in Who's Harry Crumb? and My Stepmother Is An Alien. His distinctive face and demeanor were featured prominently in 1989's Back to the Future Part II, as the high school student who thinks that Marty has just robbed Biff of his wallet.

His Disney roles include the Counselor in the Pair of Kings episode "Mr. Boogey Shoes", Mr. Lawler and Principal Lawler in That's So Raven, Mr. Crappizi in the Even Stevens episode "Shutterbugged", A.J. Sanders in the Home Improvement episode "The Karate Kid Returns", and Jacob in The Golden Girls episode "Mother's Day".

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