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Theme Park Thursday with Dillo's Diz

Jul 15, 2020

On this episode, Jen, Frank, and Angela Dahlgren talk with Genevieve Goings, one of the most recognizable voices in Children's Entertainment! They cover Disney Junior, Choo Choo Soul, Hamilton, Disney Parks, and more!

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With over a decade as the star of Disney Junior's "Choo Choo Soul;" an upbeat, urban music video show, Genevieve's career has grown and is now reaching a second generation of fans. Combined views of content featuring Genevieve on YouTube has surpassed 250 Million views. In 2017 & 2019 she earned Grammy Nominations for her work writing Children's Music, and in 2018 she earned a Grammy Nomination as a recording artist in the Children's Music Category. Beginning her career in R&B and Hip-Hop in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was voiceover work that ultimately led her to the path of Children's Entertainment. Choo Choo Soul was originally crafted as an audio CD by video game developer Greg Johnson as he was working with Genevieve on the game "ToeJam & Earl III, Mission to Earth." The Choo Choo Soul brand was acquired by Disney in 2005, when they created new music videos to air on their morning programming block. Fans worldwide loved the funky, fun authentic music and Genevieve's soulful voice. After 4 seasons of original music and Disney Classics, a Parents Choice Award and 13+ years of touring, Choo Choo Soul has become an iconic brand within the Family Music industry.

Genevieve's voice can be heard on various Disney songs, including the popular new "Ready for Preschool" and "Disney Junior Music Nursery Rhyme" series for which she also writes and produces. Disney English, a Walt Disney Publishing venture in China, also utilizes over 100 songs and recordings that Genevieve wrote and produced for the curriculum. Genevieve narrates stories for the website as well as voicing games and apps with Hello Kitty, George Lucas Company and more. Her work with Fisher-Price on the re-branding of the Little People toy line brought Genevieve into a new arena of her field; bringing her voice to toys and commercials!

Genevieve has toured the U.S. and Canada continuously over the past 13 years, with Choo Choo Soul and her independent Children's Music Brand: "Do You Know?" and continues to credit her live performances as her most favorite pastime. The First Lady Michele Obama invited Genevieve to read with her at the White House Easter Egg Roll in 2015, and when invited back for a second time in 2016, Genevieve offered to come in costume with the brand she holds dear: Choo Choo Soul. She lives in Los Angeles and writes and produces music from her home studio for her production company (Genevieve Goings MultiMedia,) engaging with fans via social media and live story-time singalongs. She also sits on the board of the non-profit organization "Say Word LA," which brings spoken word poetry into LA classrooms as part of their curriculum.

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