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The Dillo's Diz Podcast (feat. Theme Park Thursday)

Nov 10, 2022

After hearing Kris Kyer on an episode of 'Pod Meets World', Jen knew he would be the perfect guest for this edition of Theme Park Thursday! She and Frank chat with Kris about performing in a classic Walt Disney World show, becoming the youngest Ringmaster, coaching young actors, and so much more... including blow molds!

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Kristopher Kyer was the on-set acting coach for ABC-TV's Boy Meets World; Maybe this Time; and Grace Under Fire. In addition, he was the on-set coach for the Bruce Willis feature film HOSTAGE. And he was the on-set acting coach for Jessica Simpson featured in episodes of TV's THAT SEVENTIES SHOW. As an actor Mr. Kyer has appeared in several commercials, most notably as the "Scarecrow" for the WHITE LILY CORNMEAL commercials which ran for years throughout the South. Kristopher Kyer has had co-starring roles on TV's SEINFELD; BOY MEETS WORLD; USA HIGH; LINC'S and QUANTUM LEAP. He was the starring role of the syndicated series BARNYARD PLACE. His experience as an actor and entertainer spans over three decades having appeared in his one man cabaret show on several cruise lines; a singer at WALT DISNEY WORLD and DISNEYLAND; CEDAR POINT in Ohio; Off-Broadway in the original cast of SHOWING OFF; regional theatres throughout the US. His recent commercial for car tax with can be seen at: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! - Patreon Memberships Available Beginning at $1!

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